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From Mayr Stefan <>
Subject RE: Delayed WAR expansion, timeout on context startup?
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 10:17:10 GMT
 Hi Chuck,

 Am Montag, den 13.05.2013, 15:44 +0200 schrieb "Caldarale, Charles R" 
>> From: Stefan Mayr []
>> Subject: Delayed WAR expansion, timeout on context startup?
>> Are there any parameters to adjust deployment timeouts for these
>> contexts with large WAR files?
> Want to give us a hint about what Tomcat version, JVM level, and
> platform you're running on?  It's rather difficult to answer _any_
> question without the basics.

 Oh, that's a wonderful mix of applications and versions. Most common 

 OS: SLES10 SP4, SLES11 SP2, both using TrendMicro ServerProtect 3
 Java: Java 6 U20,U33,U37,U45; Java 7 U09, U21
 Tomcat 6.0.20, 6.0.35, 6.0.35; 7.0.26, 7.0.27, 7.0.32

 Developers are crying when we move applications to the newer os with an 
 active antivirus scanner. This affects all version combinations.

 The specific application failing is alfresco 4 running on Java 6 U33, 
 Tomcat 6.0.35

 I hoped for something generic like, e.g. set 

> In the meantime, look here:
>  - Chuck

 Hardly a chance to change anything. Mostly vendor applications like 
 alfresco, jira, confluence, ...
 We have to take them as is. We know the source of the problem (av 
 scanner, NOT tomcat) but need to wait for the vendor.
 Sometimes (alfresco case) we close our eyes and stop the scanner until 
 the application is deployed.



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