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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: redirect request from 8080 to port 80
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 07:46:30 GMT

On 15.5.2013 23:56, André Warnier wrote:
> Anyway, to get back to the OP's original issue, and considering the
> documentation only, I do understand a bit of confusion as to what is
> really being logged in the Access Log.

Yes, I see. You are right, the documentation or the behavioir of 
parameter %p for AccessLogVavle is incorrect.

If servlet API uses wording "server port" for the port of the 
originating request, and "local port" for the port of the iterface where 
the request was received, so should AccessLogValve documentation.

Threrefore, parameter %p should either indicate that it logs "server 
port of the originating request", or the behavior of that parameter in 
AccessLogValve should be changed to really log local port. Right now, 
parameter %p logs server port -- I just verified that mimicing OP 


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