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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: Multiple tomcat containers or instance on same servers
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 00:45:02 GMT
On 4/30/2013 4:34 PM, chris derham wrote:
>> Thanks for all your feedbacks.
>> Is multiple versions supported or all instances have to be the same build.
> You can have it any which way you wish, e.g. single tomcat in single
> catalina_home with multiple instances each with own catalina_base, or
> multiple versions of tomcat each in own catalina_home each with one or
> more instance each with own catalina_base. You can setup a right mess
> if you wish...

Yeah, what he said...

I have done it both ways, depending on the requirements of the apps 
being hosted.  I prefer to have only one instance of TC installed, but 
have at times had multiple versions running during transition periods.

>>> I thought sure that the Tomcat Windows Service page of the users' guide,
>>> but it is /not/ there:
>>> I wonder if there are any heavy Microsoft Windows users that could
>>> offer to write a section on Multiple Tomcat Instances specifically
>>> with Microsoft Windows Services. The file RUNNING.txt only explains
>>> how to set up Tomcat itself (CATALINA_HOME versus CATALINA_BASE) but
>>> says nothing about how to configure Tomcat's service runner to point
>>> to one (other than inferring that one ought to set CATALINA_HOME and
>>> CATALINA_BASE appropriately).
>>> For instance, it's probably important to give the services distinct
>>> names ;)
> The only things that seem to be missing are
> a) set CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE before running service.bat
> b) when run service.bat, specific a unique service name
> c) you need to copy some files around to allow the CATALINA_BASE to be
> different from each other, e.g. port config
> e.g.
> set CATALINA_HOME=c:\tomcat
> set CATALINA_BASE=c:\tomcat\instances\instance1
> service install tomcat1
> Then to install instance two, just run
> set CATALINA_BASE=c:\tomcat\instances\instance2
> service install tomcat2
> If anyone else wants to chip in with any relevant additions, let me
> know. I might be able to have a look at updating the documentation
> page later, but being as I'm a developer my linguistic skills have
> never really been approved off so not sure any changes will be
> approved :-)
> Chris
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