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From Tomasz Kowalczewski <>
Subject NPE in SlowQuery
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 12:15:32 GMT
Hello all,

we are running Tomcat 7 on Amazon EC2:

Server version: Apache Tomcat/7.0.22
Server built:   Sep 27 2011 09:40:50
Server number:
OS Name:        Linux
OS Version:
Architecture:   i386
JVM Version:    1.7.0_03-b04

And get following exception on slow queries:

[catalina-exec-18] 04-02 10:27:11 ERROR TransactionInterceptor:414 -
Application exception overridden by rollback exception

I wasn't able to google for a solution/bugfix therefore I would like
to ask the Tomcat community for help on this issue. Is this a known

When looking at the source code:

85:  QueryStats qs = this.getQueryStats(sql);
86:  qs.failure(delta, now);

It looks like getQueryStats(sql) returned null and indeed it does so
on at leas one ocassion:

     protected QueryStats getQueryStats(String sql) {
          if (sql==null) sql = "";
          ConcurrentHashMap<String,QueryStats> queries =
>>        if (queries==null) return null;

However, non of the uses of getQueryStats() in SlowQueryReport guard
against this null. It seems to be a bug.

Tomasz Kowalczewski

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