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From Neven Cvetkovic <>
Subject Re: tomcat jmx disabled by default ?
Date Sun, 07 Apr 2013 15:24:30 GMT

I am not sure that I understand "when I start my own main ..." - I
assume you refer to your own Java class that has main() method and
that you start, e.g.

java com.mydomain.MyApp

What specific command do you use when starting up your Tomcat? Also,
include what version and what operating system you use (I assume 7.0.x
and Windows). Also include which version of JDK you use (I assume JDK

So when you start jconsole (or similar tool jvisualvm - try it if you
haven't already it is an awesome tool) - you should see the list of
all Java processes that you have access to. You should be able to
connect to any Java process listed there, including Catalina/Tomcat
process (usually defined with pid - process id) and including your own
application (MyApp). Once you connect to a Java process, you would be
able to see JMX namespaces, MBeans, memory configuration, classes
loaded, etc...

So, does the Tomcat process show up in the list of processes (without
remote JMX configuration) same way your MyApp shows up? When you try
to connect to Tomcat/Catalina process what is the error message if

What user owns the Tomcat process?

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