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From Rainer Frey <>
Subject Re: multi-tenant web app
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 06:31:35 GMT

On 18.04.2013, at 15:37, Jeffrey Janner <> wrote:
>> Here's a real world example of doing this, by JFRog regarding their
>> Artifactory SAAS. Spoiler: the crucial point is putting as many
>> dependencies as possible into the shared classloader (where "possible"
>> is not as easy as it sounds:
>> Rainer
> Rainer, 
> That's a very long video to sit through, but it looks interesting.  Any chance someone's
summarized it somewhere?

It was a JavaOne session, don't know if the slides are available for public.
The interesting part w.r.t this thread starts at about 18:00 in the video. Before that, the
discuss multi tenancy and SAAS in general and why they chose the strategy of one web app per

Summary of the core part is: in-depth review every used library for any kind of shared state:
* static references in the classes
* specifically global (static) registries
* caches
* thread pools
* loggers
Work with the developers to remove them or run own forks if that doesn't work out. And review
again on new releases.
They show some specific examples in libraries they use.

Later (from around 35:00) they discuss how this approach changed their development and release
process, and the last minutes are Q&A (don't remember if that was relevant). 


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