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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Configuring IIS to use the JK ISAPI redirector plugin when URL paths are different
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 15:39:20 GMT
Beavers, Melinda K (Kay) wrote:
> Rainer, thank you for that link!!  I have put this line in my
file: "rewrite_rule_file=C:\Avaya\TomcatFilter\" and put my
file in place with just a single line in it:  "/apps/cepv/website/=/website/" and reset IIS.
 It is not working but in the debug log I never see any reference to using the rewrite file.
> I never see entries like described below: 
> "During startup, you should see
>      Using rewrite rule file YOURRULESFILE
> in the log file, and later
>      Loaded rewrite rule file YOURRULESFILE
> Between those two, you should also see lines indicating, that the 
> contents of the file got parsed."
> Do you know if there's some other step I'm missing or if it has to be a certain version
in order to recognize the rewrite file?
> Regards,
> Katy
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> From: Rainer Jung [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:03 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Configuring IIS to use the JK ISAPI redirector plugin when URL paths are
> On 24.04.2013 06:53, Beavers, Melinda K (Kay) wrote:
>> We have installed the IIS-Tomcat redirector (isapi_redirect.dll) on an IIS 6 server
so that  will correctly redirect according to our
'', '', and ' ' and serve
the JSP page from . That appears to be working
just fine. But we actually need to have a different IIS URL. What we are trying to figure
out is if we can configure it so that
will redirect and serve the JSP content at The
path on the IIS server is has two extra levels (/apps/cepv) in the URL path and does not match
the path on the tomcat server where the JSP content is. We have to have those two extra levels
in the IIS URL path for other technical reasons and we cannot match or include those two extra
levels on the tomcat side. 
>> We have tried the following but cannot get it to work.   
>> 	website.worker=website_ajp13 
>> 	/apps/cepv/website/*.jsp=$(website.worker) 
>> Is there anything we can do to map this correctly?   
> Have a look at
> starting from "If you are using Microsoft IIS as a web server...".

in addition to what Rainer writes above, and if you determine later that you need more 
powerful URL-rewriting capabilities under IIS later, have a look at :

Also, on this list, try to not "top-post" your reponses, it makes it more difficult for 
everyone to follow the conversation (scrolling up and down etc..)

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