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From Jamie <>
Subject Re: Re: multi-tenant web app
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 17:28:37 GMT
Dear Tomcat Users

Forgive me for saying this (and unless I am still misinformed after 
scouring the Internet for a solution), the Tomcat app server seems 
wholly inadequate for the demands of modern multi-tenant SAAS 
applications. Multi-tenant SAAS apps are supposed to be light weight and 
have the ability to scale. Sure, you can implement multi-tenant features 
inside the web app, but it makes sense that the functionality should be 
provided as part of the app server. The current business of deploying 
separate WARs is not practical/efficient for multi tenant use. We should 
be able to simply flag a context as multi instance. The instances should 
under the same classloader in a very light weight fashion.

Is there any chance the Tomcat dev team would look into adding this?

Your thoughts are appreciated


  On 2013/04/16 8:52 PM, Pïd stèr wrote:
> On 12 Apr 2013, at 12:00, Jamie <> wrote:
>> Greetings!
>> I would like some advice with regards to deploying a web app in a multi-tenant scenario.
A while back, we had a few cloud service providers ask us if they could host our web app as
a service. Under pressure to come with a quick solution, we responded by implementing a manager
like application (much like the Tomcat manager app), that could deploy additional web apps
by copying the contents of our WAR file to a new directory under webapps . For instance:
>> webapps\customer1
>> webapps\customer2
>> etc.

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