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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: conf/Catalina/localhost/myWebApp.xml context file disappears
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2013 12:14:14 GMT
Jakub 1983 wrote:
> when I copy new version of myWebApp.war into webapps directory my context
> from
> conf/Catalina/localhost/ disappears (this context was manually created by
> me),
> maybe tomcat first deletes war, and also delete corresponding context file,
> is there any way to prevent it ?
> how should such update be done ?
>   a) in developer mode (on my local mashine, when I want to copy from
> console)
>   b) in production mode, not so frequently

I do not know the answer to your question, so I tried to figure it out using the on-line 
Tomcat 7.0 documentation.
And I couldn't, really.

I suppose that it has something to do with the "xmlBase" and "copyXML" and "deployXML" 
attributes of the <Host>, here :
(and also with the "Deployer" page at

But I'll be damned if I understand how these things interact for your case above.
Maybe I missed the crucial clue somewhere though..

Maybe an additional question to you : does your .war file contain a 
"/META-INF/context.xml" file ?

Note: there is a hint that if you set <Host .. deployXML="false" ..>, this overwriting
deleting) may not happen.  But it is not very clear.
And since it is at the <Host> level, it would apply to all applications of that Host,
just the one you are talking about.

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