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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache HTTPD + Tomcat restarts
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:01:56 GMT
Mark Eggers wrote:
> On 4/15/2013 12:14 PM, Shanti Suresh wrote:
>> All,
>> I made a simple change to the Apache HTTPD configs - I reduced the number
>> of loaded modules - and  then stopped and started Apache.  On the QA
>> environment, Tomcat did not need a restart.  On the PROD (production)
>> environment, soon after Apache was restarted, the application URLs 
>> resolved
>> okay.  But a minute later, I received an Internal Server Error from
>> Apache.  Hitting Tomcat directly did not work either.  It required a 
>> Tomcat
>> restart to start receiving the URLs again.  I am not sure why the two
>> environments behaved differently.  It was not my browser cache, 'cause I
>> reloaded the URL.  It was not the loadbalancer RAM Cache as the
>> loadbalancer RAM Cache is disabled.  Didn't find anything in the logs.  I
>> wanted to know your thoughts.
>> Thanks.
>>                        -Shanti
> Apache HTTPD modules do not influence how Apache Tomcat runs.
> So now I have a little better picture of what's running:
> Browser --> Apache HTTPD --> (multiple) Tomcats
> I don't have any idea what version of anything you're running.
> I'm going to guess (again) that you're using mod_jk and a load balancer 
> configuration. However you could be using mod_proxy and 
> mod_proxy_balancer. I don't know.
> If the 500 Internal Server Error is from Apache HTTPD, then it's an 
> Apache HTTPD configuration issue and belongs on the Apache HTTPD mailing 
> list.
> Are you running mod_security in production? I've seen some mod_security 
> Internal Server Error issues when posting WAR files through Apache HTTPD 
> / mod_jk / Tomcat. The log file for that should be where Apache HTTPD 
> logs things.
> If the Internal Server Error comes from Tomcat, then it's most likely 
> your application. You can check the log files in CATALINA_BASE/logs. 
> There should be information in those logs.
> If you are running mod_security on a front-end Apache HTTPD server and 
> want to quickly check, you could add the following to an Apache HTTPD 
> server virtual host to turn it off (temporarily).
>    <IfModule security2_module>
>       SecRuleEngine Off
>    </IfModule>
> If that cures your problem, then you should take things up with the 
> mod_security mailing list.
> Of course, this is all a guess (I'll put your crystal ball back in a 
> second, Pid). More information is needed:
> Versions of:
> Apache HTTPD
> Apache Tomcat
> Java
> Operating system and version
> Method you use to connect Apache HTTPD to Apache Tomcat
> Text of the Internal Server Error. If you've not configured an error 
> page for the 500 error, then you'll see a stack trace if it's from Tomcat.
> Without all of this information (at a minimum), the best anyone can do 
> is guess.

And you are guessing quite a lot. With the information provided by the OP initially, I was

going to ask if Apache httpd and Tomcat were located in the same city and/or connected in

any way. Oh, and he also mentioned a loadbalancer cache. Either Pid or Quantum Theory 
might be of help here.

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