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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Apache HTTPD + Tomcat restarts
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 19:51:15 GMT
On 4/15/2013 12:14 PM, Shanti Suresh wrote:
> All,
> I made a simple change to the Apache HTTPD configs - I reduced the number
> of loaded modules - and  then stopped and started Apache.  On the QA
> environment, Tomcat did not need a restart.  On the PROD (production)
> environment, soon after Apache was restarted, the application URLs resolved
> okay.  But a minute later, I received an Internal Server Error from
> Apache.  Hitting Tomcat directly did not work either.  It required a Tomcat
> restart to start receiving the URLs again.  I am not sure why the two
> environments behaved differently.  It was not my browser cache, 'cause I
> reloaded the URL.  It was not the loadbalancer RAM Cache as the
> loadbalancer RAM Cache is disabled.  Didn't find anything in the logs.  I
> wanted to know your thoughts.
> Thanks.
>                        -Shanti

Apache HTTPD modules do not influence how Apache Tomcat runs.

So now I have a little better picture of what's running:

Browser --> Apache HTTPD --> (multiple) Tomcats

I don't have any idea what version of anything you're running.

I'm going to guess (again) that you're using mod_jk and a load balancer 
configuration. However you could be using mod_proxy and 
mod_proxy_balancer. I don't know.

If the 500 Internal Server Error is from Apache HTTPD, then it's an 
Apache HTTPD configuration issue and belongs on the Apache HTTPD mailing 

Are you running mod_security in production? I've seen some mod_security 
Internal Server Error issues when posting WAR files through Apache HTTPD 
/ mod_jk / Tomcat. The log file for that should be where Apache HTTPD 
logs things.

If the Internal Server Error comes from Tomcat, then it's most likely 
your application. You can check the log files in CATALINA_BASE/logs. 
There should be information in those logs.

If you are running mod_security on a front-end Apache HTTPD server and 
want to quickly check, you could add the following to an Apache HTTPD 
server virtual host to turn it off (temporarily).

    <IfModule security2_module>
       SecRuleEngine Off

If that cures your problem, then you should take things up with the 
mod_security mailing list.

Of course, this is all a guess (I'll put your crystal ball back in a 
second, Pid). More information is needed:

Versions of:

Apache HTTPD
Apache Tomcat

Operating system and version

Method you use to connect Apache HTTPD to Apache Tomcat

Text of the Internal Server Error. If you've not configured an error 
page for the 500 error, then you'll see a stack trace if it's from Tomcat.

Without all of this information (at a minimum), the best anyone can do 
is guess.

. . . . just my two cents

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