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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat web application stops automatically
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 10:13:51 GMT
Rishad Ali wrote:
> I have a dedicated server running CentOS 5.9, Apache-Tomcat 5.5.36. I
> have written a JAVA web applications which runs every minute to collect
> the data from multiple sensors. I am using ScheduledExecutorService to
> execute the threads. (one thread for each sensor every minute and there
> can be more than hundred sensors) The flow of the thread is
> 1.    Collect sensor information from the database.
> 2.    Sends the command to the instrument to collect data.
> 3.    Update the database with the data values.
> There is another application that checks the database every minute and
> send the alerts to the users (if necessary). I have monitored the
> application using jvisualVM, I cant find any memory leak. for every
> thread. The applications work fine but after some time(24 Hour - 48
> Hours) the applications stop working. I can't find out what the problem
> could be, is it server configuration problem, too many threads or what?
> This might not be a Tomcat server problem but this could be!!!! 
> Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong or is there anyone
> who has done think kind of work? Please help, Thanks
[.. snip .. ]
This may be a naive question, but from your description above it is not clear if any of 
these applications have anything to do with Tomcat, or with a webserver environment.
Why would it/they be running "inside" Tomcat ?

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