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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: IIS and Tomcat workers groups
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 13:39:36 GMT
Miguel Gonzalez wrote:
> Dear all,
>   We currently have an IIS 6 fronting several Tomcat 6 containers with a list of workers
for each redirection we want to forward from IIS to each tomcat. 
>   We are thinking of migrating to IIS 7.5 and Tomcat 7. Also we would like that two of
the nodes share the same redirection and so we can balance the load to two servers instead
of having one server.   Is it possible that two of the nodes are balanced in a group while
the other nodes are stand-alone?
As far as I know, at the front-end level you can set "workers" to be either real 
individual Tomcat nodes, and/or one or more "load balancing worker" each of which has its

own set of real Tomcat workers.
Does that not cover the need that you express ?

Say you have 6 real Tomcats, named T1..T6.

You want to pass some requests directly to T1 and T2.
For the rest, you make 2 groups of 2 load-balanced Tomcats :
group1: T3 & T4
group2 : T5 & T6
For each of the above "groups", you define one "load-balancing worker".

Very roughly, in (please check the original on-line documentation for 
precise syntax and properties) :


(you name here only the workers to which you are going to pass requests directly.  You do

not name T3..T6, because you will not send requests to them directly. Instead, you will 
send requests for them through LB1 and LB2).

# define all "real" workers T1-T6 :



# (note: using a "template" for the above will save typing)

# define the 2 load-balancing workers :

worker.LB1.type=lb   (for "load-balancer")

worker.LB2.type=lb   (for "load-balancer")

Now, for the requests that you want to forward specifically to T1 or T2, you use :

JkMount /someurl T1
JkMount /someotherurl T2

For the requests which you want to pass to T3 or T4 with load-balancing, you use :

JkMount /someadditionalurl LB1

For the requests which you want to pass to T5 or T6 with load-balancing, you use :

JkMount /somemoreurl LB2

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