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From Andy Pahne <>
Subject problem with clustering
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 10:43:47 GMT

An application that has been running fine for years now suddenly does 
perform with varying results, sometimes as quick as always, but then 
sometimes a simple page request uses up to 30 seconds.

Since the performance did degrade we regularly find log items like the 
following one in catalina.out (many of them, about 100 to 300 per hour 
on each host):

04.04.2013 11:51:53 
INFO: Verification complete. Member still 
alive[org.apache.catalina.tribes.membership.MemberImpl[tcp://{-64, -88, 
6, 21}:4000,{-64, -88, 6, 21},4000, alive=1706334,id={-99 120 -58 21 -84 
121 74 45 -104 -73 -123 -40 10 -76 70 59 }, payload={}, command={}, 
domain={}, ]]

We ruled out that the recent changes to said application are the cause 
for the poor performance y simulating all sorts of heavy load on various 
test systems. It just works nicely in the test environment. However, on 
production it does not.

We are using the SimpleTcpCluster solution for clustering on Tomcat 6. 
The cluster has two nodes.

I am NOT suspecting a tomcat bug. And as I said I am not suspecting a 
performance bottleneck in our application or in the db queries it 
performs. At the moment I am thinking of a hardware failure of some kind 
(network interface, router etc.).

Do you have any experience with this problem and what did you do to 
resolve it?


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