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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Cannot access my app after Tomcat 7.0.28
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 22:04:21 GMT
2013/3/5 Patrick Flaherty <>:
> Hi,
> When using any build of Tomcat *post* 7.0.28, I cannot access my app ! The
> app comes up as it does in 7.0.28 (which works) and
> logs look the same (no errors). I just can't do an http call to the server.
> A packet trace shown the tcp connect (3 way handshake)
> and then no response to Get / HTTP/1.1. The index.jsp in ROOT is a jsp

1. The HTTP method name is "GET" uppercase, case sensitive.

If there is no response, maybe the ROOT webapp just failed to start?

> containing a redirect to my app.
> <%
>         response.sendRedirect("/myapp/");
> %>

2. Note that the lines following the above are executed, though are
ignored. Such call is usually followed by "return;" or by end of file.
 Did the jsp generated a proper java file in the work directory?

> Did something change in 7.0.29 and beyond that might cause this behavior? I
> looked through the changelog and nothing jumped
> out at me.

3. 53062, 	53469 ?

4. Did you try with the current 7.0.37?
(The above issues should have been fixed in 7.0.30)

5. According to HTTP spec, "Location" header in a "redirect" response
should be an absolute URL.

If Tomcat cannot properly determine server name and port number to
construct the URL, the response will be wrong.

What are the actual response headers sent by Tomcat?
(You may use telnet to send an HTTP request, or browser plugins such
as Firebug to look response headers).

6. You may try debugging, with a breakpoint inside "sendRedirect()"
method of servlet API.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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