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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: runtime.exec "cmd.exe /C net use"
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2013 10:03:27 GMT
Howard W. Smith, Jr. wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Howard W. Smith, Jr. <
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Jeffrey,
>>> Yes, I now get it. Thanks for the lesson on Windows Networking (I thought
>>> I knew well) and thanks to Andre as well.
>>> You also said that if all I wanted to do was make a list of mapping
>>> appear in an html page (without actually using them
>>> in your application), you can just fake it as previously discussed. I
>>> think I missed that part.
>>> Thanks
>>> Pat
>> Glad you understand now. I was about to provide a response similar to
>> Andre's previous response. This all reminds me of a similar situation
>> within my TomEE/Tomcat7 web app.
>> On my development server (Windows 2008 server 64-bit), I am 'always'
>> logged in and coding/etc, which means I always test the web app via
>> NetBeans (which provide the infamous 'console' that is mentioned throughout
>> this thread). I developed this piece of code that uses JODConverter to call
>> at/via port 2002, and this allows my web app to convert
>> files to PDF after enduser uploads certain documents (Word docs, excel,
>> etc...). So, that all works on my development server. Why? because I am
>> logged in everytime while testing and the app is 'never' running as a
>> Windows 'service' on my development server.
>> So, i deploy my web app to target/production server (Windows 2003 Server
>> and/or Windows Server 2008). For many months now, I have wondered 'why' the
>> code will not work on the 'production' server but it runs/works 'everytime'
>> on my development server. Finally, recently (after many months of research
>> and/or multiple attempts of trying to debug/resolve the problem), I either
>> read somewhere or finally realized that the code will 'not' work because my
>> web app is running as a service, and for whatever reason (of course a
>> 'Windows' reason), the code will 'not' work while running as a service.
>> So, I am left to coding another implementation to convert files after
>> upload, use another library, and ditch the JODConverter/
>> approach.
> Forgot to mention... since can be installed in the Startup
> folder, i was assuming that it would run as a service on production server,
> and/but I forgot that Startup folder just automatically starts the app
> immediately when/after you login. is 'not' running as a
> service, and since my web app is running as a service (in a different
> 'environment'), my web app was unable to access, because
> clearly/definitely/evidently, it was not/never running as a 'service'..
> which means it was never available to my web app. :(

And, to get back more OT, that may be the fundamental difference with my succesful usage 
of the same : in my case, it is my service program which launches the background 
OpenOffice instance, which most probably means that it too is running in the same service

context a the main service program.
(Which brings us back to the same context as this thread).

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