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From Bertrand Guay-Paquet <>
Subject Re: Tomcat jdbc-pool not closing statements
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 21:20:12 GMT
On 19/03/2013 5:05 PM, Felix Schumacher wrote:
> Have you looked at 
> ? It seems like your problem. Regards Felix

Indeed, this is extremely similar to my issue. Thanks for sharing this.

It does seem however like the StatementFinalizer Tomcat interceptor 
should not be necessary if an application closes its connections, 
statements and result sets properly. From what I could see by stepping 
in the code, this is the case with MyBatis. The actual source of the 
problem really seems to be that Tomcat's jdbc pool swallows calls to 
Statement.close() like I showed in my original message.


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