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From Bertrand Guay-Paquet <>
Subject Tomcat jdbc-pool not closing statements
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 19:48:50 GMT

I'm using Tomcat 7.0.34 via TomEE 1.5.1 with MySQL. I noticed a memory 
leak in my web application which uses jdbc connection pooling with 
Tomcat's jdbc-pool.

The com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4Connection class has a field named 
"openStatements" which holds, as you can imagine, open sql statements. 
This structure grows continuously over time and no statements are ever 
released. I stepped into my code to verify that I closed opened 
statements and it is the case.

Digging some more, I downloaded Tomcat's source and it seems that 
jdbc-pool discards all calls to java.sql.Statement.close() in 
StatementDecoratorInterceptor#invoke(Object proxy, Method method, 
Object[] args)

I see what could be a bug in StatementCache#closeInvoked() which is 
called by the above method. Here is the code with my own comments added:
public void closeInvoked() {
     boolean shouldClose = true;
     if (cacheSize.get() < maxCacheSize) {
         // omitted for brievety
     closed = true;
     // [1] I think "delegate = null" is done too soon
     delegate = null;
     if (shouldClose) {
         // check its body below

// This is super.closeInvoked()
public void closeInvoked() {
     if (getDelegate()!=null) {
         // never true when coming from
         // StatementCache#closeInvoked()
         // because of [1]
         try {
         }catch (SQLException ignore) {
     closed = true;
     delegate = null;


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