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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: AJP suddenly Stopps acting: ajp on 7009 and 9009 : connections keept open
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 10:47:02 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:
> On 14.03.2013 10:04, David Kumar wrote:
>> Hey,
>> thanks for note..
>> Attached you can find a new list.
>> So, java is keeping these connections in close_wait.
> close_wait for an AJP connection seen from Tomcat means the other side -
> mod_jk - has closed the connection, but not Tomcat.
> This is often due to a shorter Timeout on the mod_jk side than on the
> Tomcat side. It is not a problem per se, but it is if it happens for too
> many connections for a too long time.
> I vaguely remember that you have a 10 second socket_timeout in your
> That's typically bad. Look at the example config in
> the source mod_jk download.
> It could be, that your requests in Tomcat got stuck and Tomcat still is
> in the state of working on the requests, therefore keeping the
> connection open to send back stuff finally, whereas mod_jk has already
> timed out. To check for that, take a couöple of threa dumps (not: heap
> dumps) of the running Tomcat process while the close_wait problem is
> visible. Check what your Tomcat threads are currently doing, e.g. are
> they mostly sitting idle in the thread pool or executor, or are many of
> them deep in your application stacks and waiting for database, locks or
> other stuff.

Hi Rainer, a question to you :

In a previous post, David posted the output of "netstat -t -pan".
In that output, there are about 1900 connections from Apache to Tomcat's AJP connectors, 
in state "TIME_WAIT".
As far as I know, this indicates that the connection is closed from the point of view of 
Apache, and this TIME_WAIT should last only a few sec. maximum, and then should go away.
Why does he have so many though ? I can't see anything like that on any of my servers.

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