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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: configuring tomcat7 with apache 2.2.22
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 20:40:47 GMT wrote:
> Although not a newbie to building websites in html and php, and physical computing in
C/C++, I'm having a dickens of a 
> time understanding the documentation of Integrating Tomcat 7 with my existing Apache
2.2.22 on WinXP (company 
> supplied development pc, nothing I can do about that). Can I get a bit of handholding
> I'm trying to evaluate a java servlet that requires tomcat.

Actually, if the purpose is purely to evaluate a java servlet, you do not really need 
Apache httpd in front.  Tomcat will act as a stand-alone webserver just fine, and will 
provide access to your servlet.

The simplest under Windows XP :
- from the tomcat website, download tomcat (the "Windows service 
installer" version is easiest in this case).
- install it
- check if the Tomcat service is running. If it is, stop it (for the next step).
- under the top directory of that installation, find the "webapps" sub-directory. Copy 
your servlet there (if it comes as a .war file) (*).
- start tomcat (the service)
- point your browser at : http://localhost:8080/(name of your servlet)

and there you go.

Then once that works, you can think about configuring Apache as a front-end to tomcat and

try that.

(*) if your servlet (actually, I suppose "webapp" would be a better name) does not come 
packaged as a .war file, then :
- unzip or copy it in some new directory, to see what it looks like
- it should be a bunch of files under some top directory (say "myApp")
- copy that whole directory and all its files (including the top directory "myApp") under

the "webapps" directory of Tomcat, so that you have :
- start tomcat and proceed like above

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