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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Context.xml ignored.
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 14:32:27 GMT
On 03/03/2013 14:24, James Green wrote:
> On 3 March 2013 11:34, Konstantin Kolinko <> wrote:
>> 2013/3/3 James Green <>:
>>> We have a war archive that includes a netbeans-generated context.xml for
>> tomcat deployment.
>>> If we drop this war into webapps, the context root remains that of the
>> war filename.
>> As expected, in any of 7.0., 6.0 and even 5.5 .
>> Have you read the docs (Context chapter in Configuration reference)?
> I did. Allow me to digress a little to provide insight into how I read the
> documentation.
> First I got to the main documentation and click section 4: Deployer. Scroll
> down to "Deploying on a running Tomcat server" - this is exactly what I
> want. I read that provided autoDeploy is set to true Tomcat will unpack
> .war files deployed to something called appBase - this seems to mean the
> webapps folder when Googling around for application deployment directory in
> Tomcat. No idea at this point if autoDeploy is true or not, one way to find
> out - try it. Sure enough the war file gets consumed.

OK. So autoDeploy is true. This is the default setting. Look for it in
your server.xml and you'll find it is explicitly set (on the Host). You
can also look at the host docs for confirmation.

> So now I have a war deployed. Easy enough. Now to set the URL path. There a
> lot of talk about Context Descriptors on that page, and at the top one
> seems to be read from webapps/[my-war-file]/META-INF/context.xml. Perfect,
> but what goes in it?
> Elsewhere, I find Config, and in there we find Context. Aha! Parallel
> Deployment? Nope don't want that. Naming? I read that several times, and I
> have no idea still what is trying to be expressed. Does it even apply to
> me? Not sure, let's move on

Stop here. The naming section is exactly the bit you need to understand.

I'm sure there is scope to improve the docs so if you explain where you
start to get lost we can look at improving the wording / adding
additional explanation as required.


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