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From Daniel Mikusa <>
Subject Re: suddenly created many connections
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:20:30 GMT
On Mar 5, 2013, at 11:44 AM, Dhaval Jaiswal wrote:

> I have seen suddenly so many established connections like below on my
> system.
> There is http & tomcat both are running on the same machine.
> Previously it was not there. only last 3 days i am observing it. moreover
> since then i have installed nagios on the same server to measure the
> activity of the server.
> tcp        0      0 ::ffff:     ::ffff:
> tcp        0      0 ::ffff:     ::ffff:
> tcp        0      0 ::ffff:     ::ffff:
> Can some one explain me or where should i check.

When you front Apache Tomcat with Apache HTTPD, either mod_proxy or mod_jk will pool connections
to the back end servers.  These could be the connections that you are seeing.  

An easy way to test this would be to just disable the pooling behavior and see if the connections
you are observing go away.

With mod_proxy you set "disablereuse" to "On" on your ProxyPass statement.

With mod_jk you add "JkOptions +DisableReuse" to your HTTPD configuration.

If that corrects the problem, you could either reenable pooling and troubleshoot further or
just leave pooling disabled.  The performance impact when pooling is disabled and Apache HTTPD
and Apache Tomcat are on the same host should be very small.


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