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From J- MAN <>
Subject Re: Autowired spring bean not working in tomcat 7.0.35 with jax-ws
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 17:01:19 GMT

>1. You suspect that your listeners are called in wrong order?
>In what order do you expect them to be called?
>2. Try "logEffectiveWebXml" option on Context
>3. What are your evidences?
>4. If you cannot get much from logging, maybe debugging would help
>Best regards,
>Konstantin Kolinko

Hi Thanks for the response.

1. I expect them to be called in the order they are listed in the web.xml schema is set to
2.5 spec.

2. logEffectivewebxml shows both context listeners listed in the correct order.

3. Here is a link to a example that works fine in tomcat 6 but does not work in tomcat 7 because
the spring contextlistener gets initialized after the jax-ws listener.  You will need your
tomcat configured with metro. (15MB because of jars)

4. Have not had time to debug it more than the sample app.


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