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From Will Nordmeyer <>
Subject SSL Session Caching
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 18:49:33 GMT
I have a scenario right now I need help with.

My Tomcat is configured for SSL, client certificate authorization and
Certificate Revocation List checking (all outside certificates).

We have a scenario (we've found in testing) where we do a transaction
in our application, then the user pulls his smart card out (client
certificate) and a new user comes up and puts his card in.  Tomcat
isn't recognizing that a new certificate is in place and is allowing
the new user, with the new certificate to transact without validating
his credentials.

It appears as if the old session is being utilized still by the client
(windows or unix, firefox or IE) and Tomcat.  Which seems very odd.

I would have expected the new cert would have forced a new SSL session
to be created and tomcat to puke at an attempt to submit a transaction
on the old session.

Any thoughts/advice/guidance?

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