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From "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Help in diagnosing server unresponsiveness
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 03:10:41 GMT
> We have a application running on the latest Tomcat7 and we are getting a
> server crash or becoming unresponsive. This occur every few days at no fixed
> intervals or time of day and they certainly don't correlate to any app
> function ­ at least not according to the logs.

How long have you seen this behavior? Was it running more stable on an
earlier tomcat7 version? what version of tomcat7 was more stable?

it may be best to provide your version/environment info/details, and
java options and any other config details.

i recently started using tomcat7.0.35, too, since I am using tomee
1.5.2-snapshot, and i recognized similar behavior (app was crashing
unexpectedly due to atmosphere and tomcat APR/native), but I corrected
my 'tomee' configuration (used entired tomee stack instead of tomcat7
stack running my tomee stack) and reverted to earlier-more-stable
version of atmosphere (1.0.6), and i did not experience any downtime
today (but the app was not under much load today), so i'm glad i got
that fixed; i am keeping an eye on things though.

also, you may want to share what 'all' changed between now and the
last time that the app/tomcat7 was stable.

> I've looked at the number of sessions, HTTP activity , jdbc activity and
> nothing obvious jumps out.

you may want to share some numbers

> I'd really appreciate your collective wisdom in putting into practice some
> strategies to identify the cause of the spikes. This driving me and my team
> nuts.

i'm wondering if GC is causing the CPU spikes.

> Any help would be appreciated.
> Z.

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