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From "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Help in diagnosing server unresponsiveness
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 23:57:01 GMT
>> Okay, well,  I'm using JPA to access JTA managed datasource (Apache
>> Derby), and I really don't think I have any JDBC resource management
>> issues.
> Have you look into your JPA graph and check if you are not loading
> millions of objects in memory?
> While JPA is loading data from database, you will experience
> "unresponsiveness" as you said.
> I do use PostgresSQL (that has superb performance, IMHO), and to discover
> the bloated references, I just had to set log to record all queries sent by
> the application.

Well, Zoran reported unresponsiveness in the OP. :)

I am quite pleased with the responsiveness of my app... using
EclipseLink and Derby.

What is the best way to look into the JPA? via JMX?

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