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From chris derham <>
Subject Re: Different webapp paths on different hosts
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2013 21:43:24 GMT
>>>>> To my mind if you deploy the app as ROOT.war, as long as DNS
>>>>> is configured correctly, that single context will serve
>>>>> responses to and This
>>>>> appears solves the explicit requirement stated above.
>>>> But the OP refuses to supply any information about why that's
>>>> not sufficient.
>>> in this case and will serve the
>>> same content. i need different content on different domains.

You asked how can I serve content from one domain to one host, and a
different set of content for another domain. You were told that the
easiest way is to deploy two separate apps. You said that isn't what
you want, but did not explain why. What technical reason is this not a
suitable solution?

If you really want a single app deployed that sends different content
depending on the host used, then you will need to code that inside
your app. This isn't really application/web server issue, its
something that needs to be handled inside the web app

>> Something actually made a little "pop" in my brain when I read that. I
>> gotta go... I think I smell toast burning...
> i take it as you don't know the correct answer.

You asked an incredibly badly question, and didn't provide a clear
explanation of what you wanted people to help you with. Free advice
from people donated in their own time, and now 22 emails in and you
are getting snarky? Do you think that this is really going to
encourage people to help you?


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