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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: Question regarding JNDIRealm - tomcat 6.0.35
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:46:10 GMT

On 25.2.2013 14:53, André Warnier wrote:
> Yes, but as soon as Tomcat would try to write to (or read from) that
> connection, it would immediately get an error, no ?
> So to say that in the meantime "tomcat keeps on trying" one of these
> connections doesn't seem to fit, or ?

In regular situation if LDAP server receives a packet that does not 
match to any established connection, and that packet is not SYN, it 
would respond with RST packet, causing Connection reset on Tomcat side.

However, if there is no connection reset from LDAP server, that might 
imply that packets are being dropped. If LDAP server (or any device in 
between) simply drops TCP packets after the connection is dropped, 
Tomcat server will try to send the same data packet over and over again. 
The delay between two retries will be exponentialy incresed, until it 
reaches certain limit (e.g. 64s), when Tomcat server would finaly send 
the RST packet itself and give up. That would explain several minutes delay.

I think that Wireshark or tcpdump would help to diagnose what is really 
going on on the network level.


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