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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: problem with context.xml for parallel deployments
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 19:30:39 GMT
On 07/02/2013 19:17, Zippy Zeppoli wrote:
> I've been testing out parallel deployments
> (
> in my tomcat cluster. It seems to work really well if I futz around
> with naming the filenames.
> Here's what works:
> 1) cp /artifacts/someapp##001.war /tmp/war-listener
> --- app gets deployed to the farm by farmdeployer successfully
> 2) cp /artifacts/someapp##002.war /tmp/war-listener
> --- someapp##002.war gets deployed, new sessions are migrated over to
> this version of the application, context path remains the same for
> both
> --- someapp##001.war still receives connections, but is undeployed
> (manually set in server.xml) as sessions expire
> --- eventually someapp##002.war is the only app serving requests and deployed
> All good. However, I was trying to use context.xml to define the
> version, but this fails, the cluster just hangs and never deploys the
> app.
> Here was an example of a META-INF/context.xml I was using:
> <Context name="myapp##1.3.5">
> </Context>
> What was I doing wrong with this method?
Failing to read the documentation.

Do you see the "name" attribute for a Context defined anywhere in this list:

> Is it a best practice to version just using the filename, both?
Again, read the docs:

> Thanks for any insights, the documentation doesn't seem to explain
> this very well and there isn't a resource on the web that goes over
> this in detail.

Looks pretty clear to me. Then I did write it.


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