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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Help in diagnosing server unresponsiveness
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 19:13:17 GMT
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On 2/1/13 8:14 AM, Ron Wheeler wrote:
> From our experience with a Spring app under Tomcat, the JVM memory 
> configuration looks low. You might try doubling it and seeing what
> it does.

That's a big jump for not knowing anything about the OP's environment,
requirements, etc.

> We found that the examples of Tomcat JVM memory configurations were
> all designed for trivial apps. We had about 50 war files and lots
> of heavy libraries(JasperReports, WebServices, Faces, etc.) so we
> had lots of troubles until we gave Tomcat some real JVM room to
> run.

That's better advice than above.

> MaxPermSize seems to me to be too low for a real Tomcat app.

We run "real" apps under default PermGen all the time. They run just fine.

> I don't see any point for such a small -Xms256 setting since that
> seems to be barely enough to get Tomcat started.

In my testing, Tomcat takes roughly 12MiB of heap space after startup.
I haven't actually tried to restrict Tomcat's JVM to that little
amount of memory because it's impractical for adding any of our
webapps to it. But saying that Tomcat needs a quarter gig just to get
started is wildly out of step with reality.

> -Xmx11460 seems very high. We did very well with 10% of that
> number.

Again, this is very environment-specific. Perhaps you have a webapp
that doesn't use a lot of memory, while the OP may have a ton of stuff
in his sessions, caches, etc. Maybe he needs 10GiB of heap space.
Maybe he doesn't.

- -chris
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