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From chris derham <>
Subject Re: Trying to install tomcat 7.0.35 but after installation it shows me as Apache Tomcat 7.0.2
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:32:21 GMT

> I want to run it as service.I installed this by running service bat file
> from cmd prompt.once installation was success full.I checked local
> host:8080.over there I see version 7.0.2 .

in a cmd prompt run netstat -ano. The output will list all processes
and the TCP port they have open. Find the row that ends with :8080 in
the second column. My machine runs tomcat on port 8084, and the row
looks like this

  TCP               LISTENING       596

The last columns lists the process id. Start task manager (right click
on task bar and click start task manager). Under view, click select
columns, then add the PID column. Then look through the lists of
processes on the process tab. Find the one matching the process above
- so for my machine it was 596. When you have the row, click open file

All this will show you the location of the tomcat running on port
8080. From what you have said it is very clear that it is tomcat

>I cannot remove all tomcats since
> it will large effort for me.but I know there nothing wrong with those.they
> sit in different directories.

If you really want to run 7.0.35 instead of 7.0.2, then remove the
service for 7.0.2, and then install the 7.0.35 service. To uninstall
the service, go to cmd prompt and from CATALINA_HOME\bin run service

The alternative is to run 7.0.35 on a different port, e.g. 8081. Would
this work better for you?



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