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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7.0.34 and ecj 3.7.2/4.2.1
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 08:17:02 GMT
2013/1/11 Ralph Schaer <>:
> Hi
> Tomcat 7.0.34 bumped ecj to version 4.2.1. But the pom file
> of tomcat-embed-jasper still points to version 3.7.2 of ecj.
> Is it safe to use ecj 3.7.2 with Tomcat 7.0.34?
> It's unfortunately not possible to override this, because I haven't found
> the 4.2.1 artifact in the central repository.

1. Thank you for reporting the issue. I fixed this in svn, but 7.0.35
has already been tagged several hours ago.

2. Absence of ecj 4.2.1 in central repository is not a stopper. It
happened before and is expected to happen in the future. You can
install it locally.

3. I personally would recommend to go with 4.2.1.

It is known that Eclipse 3.7.2 fails to compile the current Tomcat
trunk sources (the compiler crashes), 4.2.1 works fine.

There was report by Jess Holle on a crash with 4.2.1, but what causes
the crash is unknown and I have not observed anything like that.

Anyway, if you are in doubt, you may try to run precompilation for
your JSPs with JspC just to make sure that everything compiles nicely.
(I do not suggest to actually use the compiled classes. I mean just to
run a compilation to check that they are compilable).

4. The bump of ecj version included a change in one of java classes.

@Override is a compile-time annotation. You should still be able to
run with 3.7.2.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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