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From Alan Findly <>
Subject Question about config and correct start-up
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 02:52:55 GMT
Dear Tomcat user's group:
    I'm having a problem getting cgi to work.  I have Tomcat 
installed--used the installer from download page.  It's working fine for 
java, but I need the web server for my cgi project & running & testing 
perl from html locally on my PC...yea Windows env...ah, well...anyway my 
goal is to develop Perl stuff locally before uploading to regular server.
   I've followed all the config instructions for setting it up, 
including editing the conf\web.xml file to make the cgi servlet 
functional, which just involves removing comment signs from around the 
   Done.  So, what should happen is that when I call a perl script from 
html it should fire up & go.
   But .... still no workey .... so digging further I noticed the config 
document which is a README.xml .... makes a vague reference to having 
the correct "context" for cgi, but seemingly no other data....I'm 
missing something??
   Now, folks, I have no more clues what this refers to ... can someone 
shed some light for me??
   I've made an assumption that since I'm the only user on my PC that I 
do not have to register "me" in the "Tomcat-users.xml" .... since the 
role of manager-gui does not seem to apply to cgi.
   But I've been wrong before!


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