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From Hanno Scharw├Ąchter <>
Subject AW: Tomcat 7: ClassNotFoundEception for security provider during startup
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:12:36 GMT


On 1/21/13 12:49 PM, Hanno Scharw├Ąchter wrote:
> the Bootstrap-ClassLoader.  I checked the server-conf by starting both 
> Tomcat versions with exactly the same server configuration 
> (server.xml). While Tomcat 6 runs, Tomcat 7 refuses to start.

You cannot expect to launch Tomcat 7 using a configuration file
(server.xml) for Tomcat 6.

Instead, start with the server.xml that ships with Tomcat and make whatever modifications
you need to match your new configuration.

Hi Chris,
this is exactly what I did.  I modified the server.xml from Tomcat 7 in accordance to my requirements;
it failed to start. To exclude any errors in the server.xml, I loaded the server.xml from
Tomcat 7 into Tomcat 6 (eliminating only a ThreadLocalLeakPreventionListener) and it ran.
 As I wrote, I started Tomcat 6 and 7 with identical server.xml files. 6 ran 7 did not.  

Best regards,


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