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From C├ędric Couralet <>
Subject Re: JMX with Listener
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 18:54:12 GMT
>>> Okay.
>>>> Now for my problems or questions: - Apparently, the Jmx
>>>> listener listens on (confirmed by a netstat) on the two
>>>> ports configured for the listener, is it normal ? I thought
>>>> that useLocalPorts would restrain the listening only to
>>> useLocalePorts /should/ force (actually "localhost"...
>>> whatever that resolves to on your server). Can you confirm that
>>> you are editing the correct server.xml? If you edit it in one
>>> place and then deploy it, please make sure you have the latest
>>> version installed under CATALINA_BASE/conf.
>> So it should force, ok !
> No, it forces the hostname "localhost". That might mean on
> your system. Try "host localhost" and see what happens.

Yes, i should have thought of that sooner, I saw a couple of times a
windows server without any localhost in its host file.

thanks for the help.

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