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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: JMX with Listener
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:14:31 GMT
Cédric Couralet wrote:
>> Where do you /set/ CATALINA_BASE?
> Hum nowhere. Ok my mistake but i set catalina.base as a jvm options and I
> would like to reference it in another.  As I say it, I don't think java can
> do it so i may be out of luck.

When you run Tomcat 7 as a Service, you run in fact the program tomcat7.exe.
This program is a "service wrapper".  It contains the necessary plumbing to behave like a

Service for Windows, and itself then runs the Java VM which runs Tomcat.
When it starts the Java VM, it also provides it with run parameters, which it takes from 
the Windows Registry.
Tomcat7.exe is a renamed copy of the Apache "prunsrv" program, of which more info here :

That's one part of it.

The second part is the tomcat7w.exe program. That is also a renamed version of the 
"prunmgr" program of the same Apache procrun project.
This program is a GUI Registry editor, which /sets/ the parameters in the Registry, that 
tomcat7.exe will later read and interpret to run the JVM.

More info here :

To remove/install the Tomcat7 service, you can run the "service.bat" command-file in 
(tomcat_dir)/bin.  Now /this/ command-file is a Windows command-file, and it looks in the

Windows environment of the process in which you run it, for a value %CATALINA_BASE%.
And then it uses that value to set the appropriate parameters to run the tomcat7.exe 
program in "install service" mode (which initially sets the Registry parameters).

So if you open a command window, set the CATALINA_BASE variable, and then run the 
service.bat script to create the service, that would probably do what you want.

Later if you want to change it, you can probably do this by running tomcat7.exe with the 
//US (update service) switch (see the doc).

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