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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Does maxPostSize has an effect on file upload?
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 21:13:01 GMT
Williams, Nick wrote:
> So I read some code in When parseParameters()
is called, it checks whether the Content-Type is "multipart/form-data" or "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".
If it's "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", it checks to make sure that the Content-Length
is not greater than maxPostSize.

That is probably because in that case, the body is not encoded, and the Content-length 
matches the length of the posted data.

  If it's "multipart/form-data", it delegates to another method, parseParts().
> In parseParts(), the code begins looping over the parts and placing them into the list
of parts for the request. As it processes each part, it adds the size (in bytes) of that part
(including the part contents or file contents if this is a file upload) to an aggregate post
size variable. If at any point the aggregate post size exceeds the maxPostSize variable, it

This thus looks like it applies to the total size of the parts, after decoding the ones 
that are Base-64 encoded (such as uploaded files contents).

  Why the Content-Length is not checked, I am unsure. It seems it would be less expensive

to throw the exception before ever trying to parse the parts. However, this APPEARS to be

the functional equivalent of checking the Content-Length.

If it was using the global Content-length header, it would count not only the encoded data

bytes, but also the parts separators, headers etc..

So that's nice. It counts only the net data bytes, which is easier to compare to the size

on disk of a file that you would upload.

> So, it would seem that maxPostSize does, indeed, affect file uploads, and that if the
total size of your request, including file parts, exceeds maxPostSize, that the request will
fail. Whether this behavior is consistent with that specified in the spec, I am not an expert
on that.

You've done a pretty good job so far, I believe.

What maybe is the difference here, is that you probably looked at the Tomcat 7 code, in 
which I believe the FileUpload code has been integrated/merged.

Maybe in Tomcat 6 it is different, and when FileUpload is used, it doesn't count the 
bytes, or doesn't pass the result back to Tomcat to match the MaxPostSize ?

> Not that it matters, but this behavior is consistent with the land of PHP, where a maxUploadFileSize
value of 50MB does you no good if you forget to increas your maxPostSize from the default
of 5MB.
> (Note: It's entirely possible that I'm reading the code wrong. I would suggest that an
experiment might solve this conclusively, but perhaps that has been tried and I missed that
somewhere in the chain.)
> Nick
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> From: André Warnier []
> Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 1:15 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: Does maxPostSize has an effect on file upload?
> Christopher Schultz wrote:
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>> Chuck,
>> On 12/14/12 12:38 PM, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>>>> From: Christopher Schultz []
>>>> Subject: Re: Does maxPostSize has an effect on file upload?
>>>>>> Does a file upload as multipart/form-data not count to the size of
>>>>>> the POST?
>>>>> No, as the doc make clear.
>>>> I'm not so sure the docs make it clear.
>>> I think you have to read the relevant RFC:
>>> which is implicitly part of the
>>> doc.
>> I'm not sure what part of that spec would apply.
>> Given the (Tomcat) documentation, one might reasonably believe that
>> the maxPostSize would refer to either the total Content-Length for an
>> application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST message or an individual
>> Content-Length of a single part of a multipart/form-data POST message.
>> The latter is not the case, and I think it's worth pointing that out.
> Just a suggestion : maybe one of the Tomcat/Java gurus here could first explain to what
the maxPostSize attribute of the Connector really does relate ?
> What /is/ being measured there ?
> Is it, like, just the request's "Content-length" header, or is there a counter which
really counts the bytes being read e.g.
> (and yes, obviously, if this is limited to an "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" POST,
then it wouldn't be just the Content-length header) (and, if it covers a "multipart/form-data"
POST, then is it the total body size, before of after decoding the Base-64 encoded bits ?)
After all, this is a "Tomcat users" list, not a "Tomcat dev" list; so we can't really expect
the public here to go delve into the Java code to find out.
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