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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: PSI-PROBE query
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 22:21:53 GMT
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On 12/10/12 12:24 PM, vicky wrote:
> A lot of "to & fro " requests are happening from my browser to the 
> Probe application which looks like the Ajax calls & because of that
> the request count value for my "http-8080 " connector is keep on
> increasing even when nobody is accessing it.This all i came to
> know after installing "TAMPER-DATA" which is a firefox extension
> (for request logging).Thanks for making me aware about this

FWIW, Firefox can do request logging without any additional
extensions. Just go to Tools | Web Developer | Web Console. By
default, it will lot all network activity like "GET" and show you the response code. You can also
configure it to get all the headers, etc for you if you double-click
on any log entry.

> I am accessing the PSI-PROBE application over HTTP port eg:- 
> http://localhost:8080/probe/connectors.htm
> Now my question is that how we can monitor the request counts
> which all coming to my HTTP connector specifically for my
> application. ???

You can't really do that. Instead, you could install a secondary
connector on a different port (perhaps accessible only from localhost,
or at least with a firewall rule that requires a certain source
subnet) which is used exclusively for serving Psi-Probe requests.

Then you only run your metrics on the "primary" connector and ignore
the secondary connector.

> Is there a way by which i can configure two HTTP connector's one
> for PROBE application & one for my own application.???

See above.

If you want to make the webapps /inaccessible/ from the "other"
connector (so you can *only* access PsiProbe from one connector and
*only* access your webapp from the other), you'll need to define two
separate services, each with one <Connector>, one <Engine>, one
<Host>, and then only deploy one application to each <Host>.

I don't think it's worth it, though: you can use policy + firewall to
separate things such that you can't get to the secondary port, and you
can add a valve/filter that only allows access to PsiProbe from that
same source (IP, subnet, etc.).

- -chris
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