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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0 CLASSPATH query
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:50:20 GMT
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On 12/9/12 2:06 PM, vicky wrote:
> Thanks MARK/CHRIS  for all earnest replies, i really owe you guys
> for your replies.
> Exporting CLASSPATH wont work ad i believe that Tomcat "
> " will ignore it.
> Anyway i am able to fetch the "resource/properties file " contents 
> if i place in "$CATALINA_BASE/bin" directory.

That is surprising to me. How does your code load the properties file?
I'll bet you aren't even using the ClassLoader (and you *should* be).

> Actually i read the documentation but no where its been written
> that by  adding resource files to "$CATALINA_BASE/bin" , tomcat
> will make them available in its CLASSPATH

I don't believe it's true, so it shouldn't be in the documentation.

> This is weird for me to understand, if you have any thoughts on
> this behavior then please share """" else we can close this email 
> thread""""

Nobody should be using CATALINA_BASE/bin for anything: it's for Tomcat's
bootstrap classes only.

I'm fairly sure that simply dropping a file in there won't do anything
at all, unless you have modified Tomcat from its original configuration.

If you want something to be globally available, use CATALINA_BASE/lib or
configure a shared.loader in Oh, and write your
code properly to load from the class path.

- -chris
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