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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: I can only access Tomcat 7 when running via console (startup.bat)
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 18:55:43 GMT
Yuri E wrote:
>> 2012/12/6 Daniel Mikusa <>:
>>> On Dec 6, 2012, at 11:19 AM, Yuri E wrote:
>>>> so I decided to install Tomcat through the .exe installer. First, I
> stopped
>>>> Tomcat by closing the console window opened in the startup, and then I
>>>> installed Tomcat as service using the .exe.
>>>> I restarted the computer, and Tomcat automatically started. Good. But
> when
>>>> I went to access my web app again using router's IP, I couldn't. Then, I
>>>> tried to access Tomcat's Welcome Page using Firefox (
> http://localhost:8080),
>>>> and everything was ok.
>>> If Tomcat's welcome page is accessible then Tomcat is up and running.
>  It's likely that you application failed to deploy.
>>> Have you looked at the server logs and your application logs to see if
> there were any problems?
>> +1
>> The description above sounds like the OP installed a brand new fresh
>> copy of Tomcat, but have not deployed a copy his app on it.
>> There is "manager" webapp available in the standard distributive, that
>> allows one to see what apps are deployed.
> With Tomcat running as service, I tested my app with
> "localhost:8080/[myapp]/[servlet]", and it worked,
> What basically happens is that I can't access Tomcat (running as service)
> from web (outside my router subnet) . In all other ways, the connection
> works.

This may not be the type of answer that you are expecting.

I am relatively familiar with tomcat under Windows, and if your explanations of what works

and what doesn't above are exact, then I don't know either.
It does not seem to make sense that you can connect to Tomcat from outside when Tomcat 
runs in a console, but not when the same Tomcat runs as a service.
The reason is probably not with Tomcat, but with something outside of Tomcat.
But it's not a firewall, because you can connect to tomcat when it runs in a console.
And this is Windows XP, so it cannot be p.i.t.a. UAC either.

Maybe check the following :
when Tomcat is running, in a separate command window enter the command
netstat -abn
It should show (in the "local" column), the ports on which something is listening, and in

the last columns, the pid & name of the associated process.

Do this once when tomcat runs in a command window, and once when it runs as a service, and


You should see at least a line like this :

as a service :
   TCP               LISTEN         4028

in a command window :
   TCP               LISTEN         2112

That will tell you if it is at least started each time, and listening on the same port.
You should also look each time in the tomcat logs of course.

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