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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to expire jvmRoute cookie
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 16:56:05 GMT
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On 12/7/12 3:51 AM, André Warnier wrote:
> You are going to force me to disclose the details, and thus maybe
> lose my patenting opportunity, but oh well. I am not thinking of a
> regular ping which would run independently. What I am thinking of
> is this : - the front-end httpd server intercepts all requests for
> this application "early" (before mod_jk gets to see them). That's
> not a problem. - the interceptor at the front-end retrieves the
> jsession.jvmroute from the URL (or even the cookie), and
> reformulates a request to tomcat, substituting the real application
> path by the path of a "ping responder" servlet within the target
> application, adding the jsessionid.jvmroute back into this new
> path. It then makes an (internal) request to this URL. (In the
> meantime, the original request is held; that's not a problem
> either).

I knew this was what you were talking about. I was suggesting that
such a technique would be needlessly complex and would reduce
performance. Since "session expired" is an exception case, it should
be treated as such instead of as the norm. Tomcat can barf somewhat
normally when a session has expired and mod_jk can take appropriate
action. Namely: re-balance the request (if you'll allow such a loose
term) and strip the session id from the re-balanced request as it goes
to a (potentially different) back-end Tomcat.

- -chris
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