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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Recognizing certificate removal (SmartCard)
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 18:35:25 GMT
Will Nordmeyer wrote:

> Oddly enough, yes, it is a valid use case.  we have specific scenarios
> where there are common use PCs that have a generic ID logged in, 

As far as I remember the classics, that in itself is already a flaw with regard to 
security, no ?

 > but
 > they use their CAC and the browser to access the web application.

Presumably, your application is not the only one running on these workstations. So any 
other application must have similar issues.  How do they resolve it ?

Assuming that there are many client workstations, and assuming that you cannot control 
what's installed on them, then one way I can think of - but it is quite heavy - is to have

every single one of your pages contain a java applet running at all times, which checks 
the presence of the card and does something drastic (or doesn't do something vital) in 
case the card isn't there, and which causes the server to drop the session)

(I mention the "doesn't do" bit, to avoid the user simply disabling java in the browser)

One way I could imagine this, would be to have the applet establish its own connection to

the server (maybe on a different port, and send a regular ping to another application on 
the server which would keep track of valid sessions.  Should the ping no longer come, this

application would somehow tell the main one to abort the session.
It all sounds a bit complicated, but maybe in a very security-conscious environment, this

would be sellable ? (*)

Note that in order for the browser-based java applet to gain access to the local 
card-reader, may require some special security settings too.

(*) Come to think of it, it would be rather universal as a solution. and not so complex to

set up. I may have to patent this idea...

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