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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Issues Logging wtith log4j at common and webapp levels
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 20:21:16 GMT
David Johle wrote:
> Well I managed to accomplish my goal 100% with the help of some new 
> features in Log4j 2.x (currently beta-3).
> My eventual setup was to use the BasicContextSelector to ensure only a 
> single logging heirarchy was created for the whole VM regardless of 
> webapps.  Then I tag events per-webapp using a ServletFilter to 
> manipulate the ThreadContext, and send them all through a central 
> RoutingAppender which in turn directs the entries (based on the tag) to 
> the appropriate FileAppender.
> Since the tagging is done at the request level, both webapp specific 
> classes, central libraries, and even VM-wide singletons used by a 
> request all carry that tag (it uses ThreadLocal internally) and thus get 
> routed properly.
> As for the remaining System.out calls in JSP files, separate Loggers are 
> defined for those to capture the events created by swallowOutput (which 
> don't carry the tag) and manually route them the appropriate 
> FileAppender.  Eventually that extra fluff can go away though.
> Another nice part about this is I only have a single instance of the 
> logj4 libraries & a single centralized configuration file, which is A 
> Good Thing(tm) for this setup.
> Lots of other features in log4j2 that I was able to benefit from as well 
> like dynamic reconfiguration and such, so I also set up my internal 
> Tomcat logging (read: anything without a tag) to route into Tomcat's 
> log.  Sorry JULI, you just weren't good enough for me ;)

I am not sure that I understand everything here (Tomcat logging has long been quite a 
puzzle for me), but I seem to perceive the hope of seeing a long-time dream come true, as

a sysadmin with limited Tomcat/Java/Juli/log4j knowledge : setting up *one* logging 
configuration that will just swallow everything from Tomcat and webapps - no matter how 
sneaky - into preferably one logfile to start with, with a sensible rotation. And /then/ 
start refining, as needed.

If so, many thanks.

Would you care to enter the setup instructions in a WiKi article ? I'm willing to be the 
test pigeon with a couple of running Tomcats, own webapps, foreign webapps etc.

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