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From vicky <>
Subject PSI-PROBE query
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 12:05:53 GMT
Hello Guys,
I am trying to gather statistical information about the number of requests served by my tomcat (forwarded
from Apache MPM worker) & for this i am using 
PSI-PRobe ( application. I have enclosed the "PROBE screenshot"
as well for your reference,
in this "Request Time "," Processing Time " values  for  http-8080  connector are keep
on increasing even when no one is accessing the application.
I am wondering how can i get the report of number of requests which all are served by my tomcat
instance, i am not able to relate to the
numbers which all are getting displayed in the Probe Application. Does i am doing something
wrong in interpreting the Probe Application output 
""" Thanks a lot to all  who all are replying to my naive queries , i really learnt a lot
about tomcat after subscribing to this email list """""
Thanks Again
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