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From Pete Storey <>
Subject Re: [OT] mod_jk and mod_rewrite
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 07:48:27 GMT

Thanks for the various timely emails - I am in Australia hence I am in
front of you time wise!

What I didn't see was any actual answer to the question though - just
queried the email list for this thread and this was the first reply I got!
 Could you resend your actual answer?


On 05/11/2012 21:24, "André Warnier" <> wrote:

By the way, your message shows a time that sems out of whack, as compared
to my time, but 
also as compared to the other messages on the list.
This can create some problems for people who follow this list by date/time
(*).  You may 
want to check the date/time on your workstation.

(*) For example, it looks like I answered your question before you even
asked it.
This would be a useful gift to have, except that I don't believe that I
have Pid's 
crystall ball at the moment, so I think your workstation time is the

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