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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Not serving pages to anything but localhost
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:22:22 GMT
David Elliott wrote:
> Hi André
> André Warnier wrote on 16 November 2012 at 16:20 my time.
>>> Tomcat is running and is able to serve up pages but only to itself.
>> Huh ? Care to explain what you mean here ?
> I would say see below, but...
>>> If I do wget http://localhost:8080 I get a page saved and the text looks right.
>> Hmm. So I guess that's what you meant above.
>> You can access your Tomcat application from a browser running on the same host as
>> right ?
> Don't have a browser on that server, but wget does the job.
>>> However if I browse from any other machine (inside subnet mask, from web) it
return nothing but a connection error.
>> And what URL are you using in that case ?

Pardon my falsely-naive question above, but the way you expressed yourself in your 
original post was leading me to suspect that you may have tried, from another host, to use

the same URL as before (http://localhost:8080).  That would of course have shown a very 
poor understanding of how things work, but nothing in your earlier communication allowed 
me to really exclude that case.  We get all kinds here.

> Various.

Ok, let's pick them apart.

> http://machineName:8080
> http://machimeName.local.domain:8080

If only the above did not work, then it could mean that your internal name resolving 
system does not work properly, and (for example) that it resolves the above names to 
another machine, which has nothing listening on port 8080.

But the next one tends to exclude that case.


Ok, not name resolving involved here, so let's assume that the internal name resolving is

not the cause here (and that this is really the local IP address of your Tomcat host).

> http://externalName:8080
> http://externalIP:8080

So here we get a confirmation that your Tomcat host does have a public IP address, or at 
least that there is some kind of gateway that does.  That also was not clear in your 
original communication, because you talked in the same line of and a 
public IP (which obviously is not).

> and all with https just in case

but not then on port 8080, presumably ?


When I put all this together now, and considering that it is unlikely that between another

local network host on your local network, and this one with an IP of, there would be anything "intelligent" that could block packets, I will 
have to concur with another poster, and suspect that it is something on your Tomcat host 
itself which is blocking incoming connections to port 8080, when they do not originate 
from the same host (, localhost).  And for a Linux system, iptables seems like a

reasonable bet. SE-Linux enabled ?  And what about /etc/hosts.(deny|allow) ? are those 
files present ?

This is all a bit nitpicking, I agree.  What I'm trying to say, is that your initial 
message was so loosely-phrased and provided so little information, that it took 10 
exchanges to get here.  While you could have provided all this information right from the

start.  And have gotten better answers sooner.

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