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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0 threads
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 03:43:27 GMT
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On 11/5/12 5:12 AM, wrote:
> Mark actually i have a scenario in which my application receives 
> variable amount of request depending on time . So at one point i
> have an approx around 400 users concurrently accessing my
> application as a result i have an approx 400 threads but when the
> request count decreases the thread count still remains 400 which
> eventually eat up my system resources.

If you have 400 threads running, your resources are already "eaten".
Does anything get worse over time?

Honestly, if your system can't handle its peak load, then you need to
make other arrangements (such as load-balancing, or lowering the
thread pool size at the expense of average response time).

In a default configuration, Tomcat should drop idle threads after 1
minute of idle time per thread (so 60 seconds + some slop after a
thread handles its last request, the request-processing thread should
die). If that isn't happening, please post your configuration and your
observations (and be *very* specific, including your methodology for
counting live threads, the timestamps at which you applied the user
load and sampled the live threads, etc.).

> To cater to this situation i would like to know the option by which
> i can close my unused threads as maxSparethreads doesnt exist
> anymore in tomcat 6.0


But honestly, I don't think you'll need it unless the default of 1
minute isn't appropriate for you.

- -chris
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