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From Russ Kepler <>
Subject Re: This is just plain ... odd.
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 23:05:17 GMT
On Thursday, November 08, 2012 07:36:20 PM Lyallex wrote:

> The only difference between the two executions is the fact that the test
> code executes in
> it's own instance of the JVM whereas the other execution runs in an
> instance shared with the container.
> I accept that the behaviour may be undefined even though it is consistently
> repeatable in both environments
> but surely given everything else being equal the results should be the same
> ... or maybe I'm just losing the plot.

No, you're right but just missing some small difference in the environments.

I'd verify that you get the same input data in the same order in both cases, 
and that you're starting with the same size container and using the same sort, 
etc.  Something is different, if it isn't the data then it has to be in the 
code.  Last time I found something like this is was a replaced class caused by 
a classpath difference - maybe walk the debug and see exactly what is being 
executed in the sort?

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