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From Albretch Mueller <>
Subject Re: any servlets to implement sort of a google-play-like functionality for android and other types of mobile devices?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 20:14:03 GMT
> Using Java Web Start does not require any Java on the backend
> whatsoever. You can serve a Java Web Start app from a vanilla IIS with
> no dynamic content at all. So, Tomcat itself has really nothing to do
> with it all.
 Not quite. The JNLP/java did most of the work itself, but if you use
advanced server support with elaborate versioning descriptors you have
to declare and handle the logical (URL) to physical (file system)
mapping, declare new mime types for jardiff functionality, handle
Locale related issues, ...
 If using Java Web Start would not require any Java on the back end
whatsoever, then Marinilli on this JNLP wouldn't have dedicated a
chapter to it ;-)
> Is he asking if Tomcat has an AppStore for JNLP apps?
>> I *think* he's asking if anybody has started a project to create an app
>> store that runs under TC, as an open-source project.  I.E. he's looking
>> for code to make his own app store.
> For JNLP.  Right...
 No exactly. I do have two things in mind. I have developed a full
blown application based on Swing (its features are a bit too
complicated for a mobile device) and there are some light
functionalities with a nails and thumbs kind of GUI for client mobile
 I have noticed (and confirmed by your reactions) that this is
something that most people are not interested in

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