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From Albretch Mueller <>
Subject Re: any servlets to implement sort of a google-play-like functionality for android and other types of mobile devices?
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 23:20:07 GMT
 OK, I may not have been clear enough and I have been "gone fishing"
for quite a long time.
 To me Java Web Start was/is an excellent technology and the way I see
things are happening with Android is that developers (must?) keep
their applications on "google play" (and a few other alternatives),
but to me there is something odd and basically wrong with that
 It is not just about an http request, but the way google goes about
the whole "Java Web Start" thing (I would call it that to make my
(possibly wrong/outdated) point)
 What are the options you have if you want to develop your own android
mobile apps and want to handle them from your site using tomcat as you
would (or along with), say, regular http requests and Java Web Start
applications from browsers?

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